OLLY IN THE PARK – KINGS PARK BOURNEMOUTH – Olly Murs is big business in the music market. To date he has sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

He’s currently in Australia to get a return string of concerts and was featured on morning current affairs TV doing a promotion for this.

This is how I, as a 60 something, came to know about him.

I must admit I saw him perform one of the big hits and I said:- “that man reminds me of a younger Robbie Williams”.

That wasn’t the track together with Robbie on it incidentally, but I believed that his swagger and smooth confidence had all of the hallmarks of Williams, and that I liked both him and his songs.

Now in the event that you read my other articles you will know I analyse lives based on a new 12 year cycles theory I have pioneered called ‘Life Cycles’.

It is an easy to comprehend theory predicated solely on bio-data, therefore it is not the occult.

I’m like Elliot Ness, I dig in people’s lives for intriguing stories and because those in the public eye have a fair bit written about them, it makes my job much simpler.

You probably would not want your privacy infringed, but with fame comes less solitude.

At any event I don’t participate in gossip and cope only with well-established facts.

However, I do it out of a unique angle, by looking at every 12th year at a individual’s life, for new beginnings/new instructions in what I call their ‘Year of Revolution’ (ie. The ages of 12,24,36 etc).

So I place my deerstalker cap with Olly.

He was actually a bit older than I thought he could be at 29, therefore I needed to trace back into the year 2008, when he was 24 (14th May,2008 to 14th. May,2009).

I look for tales of transformation which contain personal high achievements or were pivotal in leading up to them.

Same formulation for everyone, it is ‘falling off a log easy’ to know.

OK, now back to Olly’s narrative.

Before his discovery on The X Factor, he had worked at a call centre and then a recruitment service in his home city of Witham in Essex and was a part of a two man local covers band called Small Town Blaggers.

Nonetheless, in terms of pursuing a serious music career, he had struck out two before with earlier X Factors, when he did not make it beyond the stage when he had to audition before the producers.

In 2008, in the age of 24, he took himself off on a 3 month visit to Australia as a backpacker.

He basically wanted some time out with his current life.

I’m going to let Olly speak about this trip in his own words, because abstract remarks are always the very best. I do not have to speculate, I understand.

I’m going to quote from a 2012 interview here:- ” It has just been mental! And it’s all thanks to Australia.

I came here confused about what I wanted to do, and I left with a transparent head.

I thought, ‘I will focus on my music and also do The X Factor; I am going to do the audition.’

I had been here for 3 months with not much cash. I truly believed it was something that I need to do.

I am in a weird country, I have no friends.

What’s going on?’ But I loved it. As I said it was a fantastic experience.”

I actually study what are key turning point minutes and I’ve found it is often some arbitrary event, such as a casual comment on how he ought to give it one more go, which can occur.

I would need to talk with Olly to find out if that was the case.

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Thus, within the next portion of his era 24 year, being about the first half of 2009, he was now back in the united kingdom and he had to test out again to the first auditions of X Factor.

True the series itself did not go to air until September, but it would have been well before this, when he presented himself for the next time.

It must have been “third time a charm”, since he made it through the ‘Boot Camp’ rounds, until he became a Finalist and finished second at age 25.

He was correctly detected and his career has soared.


I realise I might be criticised for not showing a perfect correlation, involving The X Factor outcome and his era 24, ‘Year of Revolution’, but then again Olly himself has come to my rescue with his very own words.

This is simply one of many outstanding illustrations of ‘Life Cycles’ concept in action.

Yes, there’s some subjectivity, but no-one could argue there are not cold hard facts behind it.

Olly, I guarantee your achievement and I wish you an even bigger tour Down Under the second time around.

You are committed, you have the talent as a songwriter and you’re a hard worker, and that is a combination which is very vital for getting into the very top.


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